First steps…

For more information please call us on 0161 3127474 to book a time to visit the nursery when we can discuss your childcare needs.

Superkids012Samantha Caiger is our Under 2s Team Leader. She has a Level 3 Diploma in Children’s Care. Learning and Development. She is an experienced Early Years Practitioner and has been with us since March 2015.

Our Baby Room is separate from the rest of the Nursery rooms within Levenshulme SureStart Centre. This gives our Baby_Room_06 resizedbabies the space to grow, rest and develop in the best possible environment. As they gain confidence and begin to walk, they join our Yellow Room children.

From the day your child joins our nursery, you as parents are our partners in making sure your baby is looked after in the way you prefer, taking account of their routines and needs. This partnership will last throughout your child’s time at Superkids Levenshulme. This process begins with settling in sessions over 5 days, designed to ease the transition from home to nursery.

Amelia Constable is our Baby Room Leader. She has been at Superkids since 2014 and is a Level 3 Early Years Practitioner.

“Having grown up in a childminder setting and having always been with younger children, I have always strived for a career in childcare. Starting at Superkids in 2014 as an apprentice, gaining my Level 3 and working my way up to Room Leader, I have had invaluable experiences within childcare. I enjoy creating a safe, homely and stimulating environment for the children to enjoy and learn in.

I strongly believe children should have somebody that believes in them and is ready to assist them to achieve their goals. I consider the first 5 years of a child’s life is paramount, so I use my experiences to nurture, encourage and inspire the children’s ever-curious minds. I view each child as an individual with their own interests and personality. I aim to nurture this for them to grow into independent, happy and confident children.

In my spare time I like to read, listen to music and cook meals for my family. I also enjoy going for country walks with my dog, Molly.”

Safe and secure…

Our main aim in the Baby Room is to make sure your child feels safe, happy and secure when they are with us. The quality of care and attention given has this aim at its heart. We can never replace the love of a parent but our aim is to offer the next best thing.Baby_Room_15 resized

This small space is an inviting and enabling learning environment for a small family group of up to 6 babies and 2 Early Years Practitioners. We cater for non-walking babies up until 14-18 months, dependent on your child’s needs. All the activities within the Baby Room are designed to take advantage of this crucial time in your child’s learning and development, when so many new experiences and skills are being developed. We focus on the 3 prime areas of the EYFS at this stage.

The room also has direct access to one of our lovely outside spaces. Our babies love exploring outdoors. We see our gardens as another classroom, extending the opportunities for children to learn in a different way from when they are inside. The main learning areas set out inside are mirrored in the outside space but in the garden there is more chance to explore on a larger scale, developing your child’s gross motor skills (larger movements).

Each child settles into nursery at their own pace so we work closely with you in deciding what’s best for your child at this stage, helping to make this time as easy for you and your baby as possible. Towards the end of your child’s time in the baby room you are fully involved in discussions about transition to our Toddler Room.

Here’s what else we offer:Baby_Room_21 resized

  • Daily verbal feedback on all aspects of your child’s day
  • Bright displays adding to a stimulating environment
  • Lots of photos with evidence of children’s activities and progress
  • Plenty of chance for messy and exploratory play, inside and outdoors
  • All sit together for meals, independent feeding encouraged
  • Small group with plenty of chance for 1 to 1 attention