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Anita Bowlay-Williams – Team Leader Preschool 2

Anita Bowlay-Williams is Team Leader for the Preschool 2 Room or Blue Group and Co-Deputy Nursery Manager. She has a Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce. She has been at Superkids Levenshulme since August 2014.

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Where does the time go? Before you know it your baby will be on the point of going to school. This is when we work hard to achieve our aim of seeing well-rounded children who are emotionally, socially, educationally and physically ready for the next stage. School readiness skills are a key aim at this stage, building on the work done earlier on in the nursery to build confidence and independence. For example, the children have the chance to prepare their own snack, when they need it, from the ‘snack bar’, rather than all children having a snack served to them.

We work closely with local schools to make sure the transition to school is as smooth as possible and so they know what talents and skills your child has already gained at Superkids.


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Our Preschool Room is packed with fantastic equipment to make sure our children have access to every area of the Early Years Curriculum. Our team plan activities carefully to help all children reach their potential within each area. We will discuss your child’s progress through daily feedback with your child’s key worker, as well as the chance to attend a more formal meeting.

All children are encouraged to think critically, solve problems independently and take controlled risks, both inside and outside in our superb outdoor area. The outside space is designed to mirror the learning areas set up inside, so that activities can be developed by the children themselves in either area. This means our ‘classroom’ reaches beyond four walls.

And we want it to extend to your place too. We love it when parents tell us what their child’s been up to at home as it helps us to put their learning into a real context and allows us to have a joint approach to achieving a child’s full potential.


We love a good sing-along at Superkids and you’ll probably be hearing your little one practising at home. Join in – it’s fun! It also helps develop self-confidence and language skills, all good for when they start school.


Also in the Preschool Room are:

  • Clearly labelled toys for increased choice of activityCarmen jumping
  • Large role play area to develop social skills and imagination
  • Comfortable book area for relaxed reading
  • Careful balance of adult and child led activities
  • Large selection of equipment for creative play
  • Challenging outdoor play area to stretch physical development
  • Mud kitchen and digging/growing areas in the garden
  • Displays with children’s own work to encourage a sense of belonging and which reinforces learning
  • Increased responsibility developed eg setting table, clearing toys away