Superkids Limited Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions for Parents / carers


Parents / carers will ensure that all telephone numbers and contact details and information on the registration form are kept up to date at all times.


Parents / carers agree to book and pay for sessions in advance.


Please ensure that a minimum of 1 month’s notice is given to change pre booked arrangements. It is not possible to swap days or refund monies due to non-attendance once a booking has been made. Parents / carers should be aware that it is their responsibility to check bookings are correct.


Any costs incurred by Superkids relating to the recovery of fees will be added to any amount outstanding


In after school and holiday clubs staff hours are up to 6p.m. Staff must ensure that everything is packed away before 6p.m. and that they are off the premises. We therefore recommend that children are collected no later than 5.45p.m.

If a child is collected late, whether from the out of school clubs or the pre school, parents / carers will be invoiced for the extra staffing costs incurred by both Superkids and the school.


Children must not be dropped off in the mornings before the settings opening time.


All children are expected to behave appropriately at the setting. Parents will be informed if their child’s behaviour is inappropriate. We also ask that you as parents help us to set the right example to the children by treating our colleagues with the respect they deserve whilst at work.


In the event of an emergency, parents consent to the seeking of any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment in the future during the running of the setting.


Unless stated in the allergies section on the form, I give permission for Superkids staff to use antiseptic wipes and/or plasters should they be needed. I give permission for the use of wipes and creams for nappy changing which I have provided. Only medication prescribed by a doctor will be administered by the staff and we must have prior written permission of the parent / carer.


In accordance with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) parents consent to the observation and recording of children’s development in order to provide them with learning opportunities and activities appropriate to the age and stage of each individual child.


Parents / carers will familiarise themselves with Superkids policies which are available at each setting.


Parents / carers agree that photographs of their child may be taken for display at the setting. If we would like to use photos for any other purpose, e.g. publicity, we will seek written permission from parents / carers.


All information which we have been given relating to your child, will be held securely and confidentially.


Superkids believe that every child is entitled to a safe and happy environment. All adults associated with Superkids are committed to this statement. Anyone accessing the facilities offered by Superkids will also accept these principles and should anyone have any concerns, we will seek the advice of professional agencies including the Social Care team if we feel it is in the interests of safeguarding your child.