Superkids Levenshulme- Terms and Conditions


  • Parents/carers will ensure that all telephone numbers, contact details and other information on registration forms are always kept up to date.
  • Parents will ensure that any person who regularly drops off/collects their child at the nursery is set up and able to sign the child in/out on the Vizilogger system. If a child is unable to be signed in on the Vizilogger system they may not be able to attend their session.
  • We use an online learning journey and diary system. Parents will be able to access their child’s e-journal via an app.
  • Children will not be accepted into the nursery before their session start time, unless pre-arranged extra sessions have been agreed between the nursery manager and parent/carer.
  • All children are expected to behave appropriately at the setting. Parents will be informed if their child’s behaviour is inappropriate.
  • All parents/carers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner whilst on the nursery premises and grounds and when in contact with or discussing the nursery. Parents should set a good example to their children by treating our colleagues with the respect they deserve whilst at work. We reserve the right to terminate your child’s place at the nursery should any physical or verbal threats be made towards a child, member of staff, other parents or visitors to the setting.
  • Parents and carers will familiarise themselves with the nursery policies and procedures.
  • A minimum of two sessions across two days must be booked.
  • The nursery will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any items including toys and personal items brought to the nursery.
  • Mobile phones, ICT devices or recording equipment are not permitted for use within the nursery building, including the reception areas.
  • The nursery and its grounds are a smoke- and vape-free zone.

Attendance and Lateness;

  • If your child will not be attending the nursery for any reason i.e. sickness, holidays etc., parents must make contact with the nursery to inform them of their child’s absence and the reason why. Failure to inform the nursery may result in us contacting the family to ask why the child did not attend their planned session, in line with our Safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Any holiday periods or sickness days the children are absent from the nursery will still be charged for and remain payable.
  • A late collection fee of £10.00 per 15 minutes of lateness will be charged. Persistent late collection could result in the loss of a child’s place at Superkids.
  • Any extra sessions booked for your child on days they do not normally attend must be paid for in full, by bank transfer, childcare voucher or via the Tax Free Childcare (TFC) at the time of booking. Any extra sessions not pre-paid will not be honoured by the nursery.
  • If any extra sessions are booked these sessions must be honoured by the parents. If they are cancelled or you choose not to bring your child for the booked extra session you will be liable for the cost of the session.

Social Media

  • Our closed Facebook page is only visible to parents of children attending Superkids. Photos of children only appear on this page; they do not appear on our public Facebook page or any other Superkids social media accounts.
  • Permission for us to post photos of your child on our closed Facebook page is assumed unless otherwise indicated on your child’s registration form or we receive a written request not to post them.
  • Permission for any other reason, e.g. publicity, will always be sought.

Payment/late payment

  • Payment must be made on or before the 1st of the month, by standing order, childcare voucher or Tax Free Childcare.
  • Late payments will be charged at the rate of £10.00 per day after 1st of the month.
  • Failure to pay by a reasonable date (to be determined at the discretion of Superkids) could result in the withdrawal of your child’s place at Superkids.
  • It is parents’ responsibility to apply for government funding. Superkids is not responsible in the event of funding not being awarded. Parents have sole responsibility for applying for and updating government issued codes to assist with childcare costs.
  • Having a government issued childcare code does not guarantee a place at Superkids.
  • Parental agreement forms issued by Manchester City Council (MCC) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Superkids is paid directly by MCC for eligible funded hours over 38 weeks a year only.
  • Parents are required to pay a charge for consumables on any day on which their child is in receipt of part or fully funded hours.
  • Invoices may be issued termly instead of annually whilst we transition to the new expanded offer of funded hours (April ’24 to December ’25).
  • If funding is not awarded to a parent, or is withdrawn, for any reason, the full cost of any booked sessions is payable.

Terminating/Reducing attendance of a nursery place;

  • A minimum of one month’s notice is required to terminate or to make a change, by reduction, to any booked sessions at the nursery. If one month’s notice is not provided, parents will remain liable for the cost of the one month’s notice period.