I can walk…!

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We love this stage for our growing babies. This is when they begin to explore their world with new found energy. Now they’ve done with crawling, they can really get to grips with discovery.

And they can talk too – whether we always understand or not, they are buckets resizedkeen to start a conversation and tell us about the things they see around them. This is a great time for learning the skills which will last throughout their lifetime. Designed for our older walking babies and toddlers, this exciting environment offers more space to explore and progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The way we support this progress is by closely observing what your child likes doing and designing activities which help them achieve their next step around their favourite activities.

And we like you to be involved too. We share with you the things we’re working on at nursery, along with some simple, fun ideas of how you can support your child at home. A daily diary will let you know what your child has been up to. We also encourage all parents to contribute to their child’s individual learning journey, which has photos, observations and children’s work and shows their progress throughout the nursery. The more you’re involved, the better progress your child will make, throughout their learning career. You may as well start early!

Some of these new skills are as simple as feeding themselves or pouring drinks, which they get lots of help and guidance with and which you can do at home too. A sense of independence is what we’re aiming for, which gives your child such a great feeling of achievement as they master new skills.

We are lucky at Superkids Levenshulme to have such a great outdoor space and we use it to make sure the learning that happens inside continues outdoors too. All the learning areas of the EYFS are represented in the garden, whilst also allowing our toddlers to move around more, explore nature first hand and develop their imaginations.

Children love routine; it makes them feel safe. So our days have regular activities which provide this stability but in a fun and stimulating way, with stories, songs, group times, mealtimes, outside play and activity times.


Lorcan asleep resized

With all their boundless energy, there have to be down times too. If your child needs a sleep during the day, there’s plenty of time and space on offer at a time which suits each child’s needs.


So come and take a look for yourself. Book an appointment on the number above or enquire here to see how your child will thrive at Superkids.